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Editorial Team

How to Play Safe In Esports Betting

Esports, or electronic sports, is a rapidly growing form of entertainment that involves competitive video gaming. It has become a major industry, with professional players,

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Applications of VR for clinics
Yvone Del Rio, RMT

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is rapidly changing how healthcare is delivered, providing numerous advantages over traditional methods. VR can revolutionize how healthcare professionals provide care

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Person wearing a virtual reality headset
Robert Bagatsing

What Is Web 3.0 Definition?

Web 3.0 definition or Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web, and it is characterized by the development of the Semantic Web,

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NFTs that you can buy
Editorial Team

Best NFTs To Buy

As the world transitions to a more digital-based society, the use of digital assets and tokens is becoming more and more common. In this article,

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