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Our Story: Metaverse VR Now is one of the largest digital publications and online media dedicated to the virtual world, extended reality (XR), games, cryptocurrency, and wearable technologies.

Where do we distribute our content?

We distribute our content to various digital media channels such as news websites, Google News, Apple News, Flipboard, Zyyne, Joomag, Scribd, Slideshare, Calameo, Flipsnack, Medium, online microblogging sites, digital magazines, social media, and video channels. Metaverse VR Now is the only online publication with multiple partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

What kind of stories do we publish?

We have 6 kinds of stories.

  1. Gaming
  2. XR – including VR, AR, and MR
  3. Technology – includes blockchain, gears, wearables, haptic, HMD, and software
  4. NFT
  5. Cryptocurrency and digital finance services
  6. Industry applications

Who is our audience?

Our readers and raving fans are technology innovators and early adopters.

Our curious fans are the consumers and influencers looking for the latest technologies, advice, tips, and hope. These patients are our secondary audience.

We also have B2B readers. These are the digital finance services (DFS) professionals, software and gaming company employees, vendors, manufacturers, and cryptocurrency traders. They are our tertiary audience, and most of them are our advertisers.

Advertising and Marketing for Technology Companies

We provide marketing solutions and digital advertising for technology professionals and FinTech companies. Whether you are a person, company, or non-profit organization within the virtual world and tech industry, we have the most cost-effective marketing.

  • Backlinks and link building for XR, NFTs, crypto, technology, and metaverse related websites.
  • Guest posts for tech firms and IoT companies.
  • Magazine ads. Want your CEO to be on the front cover of a tech magazine? We have a solution for you.
  • Banner advertising for manufacturers of haptic, headsets and head-mounted displays, smartglasses, console devices, and industrial tech companies.
  • Bad publicity removal on the internet. Yes, we can remove bad articles about you or your company.
  • Content writing. Our tech writers worldwide write a technical thesis, tech reviews, product descriptions, and even about your love life.
  • Paid articles for software vendors, hardware, and other allied tech companies.
  • Press release for cryptocurrency regulators, crypto traders, government institutions, IT companies, schools, and non-profit organizations.
  • Social media content is managed by IT students, software engineers, hardware engineers, bloggers, influencers, and digital marketing professionals.

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Metaverse VR Now is a brand owned by GineersNow Inc., a Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing subsidiary based in Dubai.

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